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Kerala plum cake

Made vegan Kerala plum cake with dates, walnuts, shredded coconut topping. Modded recipe with molasses, ground ginger, cloves, half wheat, soy milk. Turned out great. []

This is the Kerala Christian adaptation of a Christmas cake: dates, no plums.

Native platform

Need a search recipe filter for native chefs. There’s a place for Kayleigh from Mill Valley’s take on Oaxacan mole or Peshawari naan, but not in the first 10 results. Lupe and Swati, up your SEO game.

The chemistry of cooking

It surprises me how much of cooking is openly just chemistry, doing weird science in a corner instead of roasting veggies.

For fluffy muffins, you add vinegar to milk and set it aside to curdle.

For pizza, you awaken yeast with lukewarm water and feed it sugar, like microscopic gremlins.

But for muffins, you use baking powder and soda. When do you add biotic loft vs. chemical to your bread? The recipes don’t say. I need a chemistry textbook.

Patent troll Nathan Myhrvold noticed with his industrial sous-vide cookbook.

So does this new Brie Larson series.