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“Breakaway” aka “Speedy Singhs” (2011): “Bend It Like Beckham” for hockey. Sad-sack Sikh amateur hockey team coached by Rob Lowe.

Camilla Belle love interest, cameos by Russell Peters, Akshay Kumar, Ludacris and Drake. 17% 🍅.

Also Anupam Kher, Sakina Jaffrey, Noureen De Wulf, Lilly Singh.

How they solved “they won’t let us wear turbans without helmets”: went ancient Sikh warrior on their kundis.

Could be so bad, it’s good? So many Canadian desi hockey comedy scenes (“Love Guru,” “Masala” 1991), and they’re all terrible :)


“Allegiance” 🇨🇦: Standard cheesy cop show but with Sikh actors everywhere, lines in Punjabi, desi directors and lots in the production team. Set in Surrey, BC, with a large Sikh population. Starring Supinder Wraich, Stephen Lobo.

Premise: Sikhni cop recruit’s turbaned politico dad set up for terrorist smear by white supremacists who infiltrated the cops.

Has some inept lecturing to the camera (“the only people who don’t see color are those who don’t have to”). Slick enough production otherwise, just not my genre.

Dirty fasting

Been experimenting with dirty fasting and caloric restriction. Whether I eat 10, 20 or 67% of normal calories, I lose mass at half the rate of a strict water fast (0.6 lb / day vs. 1.2). Kicks you out of ketosis too often.

OTOH, you keep your normal energy level, so it’s way more pleasant and sustainable. Your hands and feet are cold, but not much hunger. And you don’t need to drink salty electrolytes as much.

Online combat

So you’ve been quoted by some big social media account with crank views, and you’re in a fight for your life :)

Who quoted?

Sample the replies. If they’re garbage, just mute / lock / block and move on.

Someone with crank views sends commenters with the same. 99.9% tedious name-calling. Substantive replies ignored. Waste of time.

Survival guide

  • If you’re funny, be funny
  • Focus on substance
  • Ignore low-effort dunks
  • Respect the good ones
  • Mute the ad hominems
  • You can snark back a little, if it’s creative or funny
  • Batch your replies on your own schedule, this is strictly for fun

Shabana’s century

Absolutely wild seeing doyenne Shabana Azmi, who started out as a sloe-eyed naïf in Bolly romances, playing a ball-busting general in Spielberg’s Halo.

It’s the Shohreh Aghdashloo in The Expanse arc.

Indian female leader / general is a sci-fi trope: an evolved society does not discard the talented based on gender and skin; a small globe has a diverse world govt.

Shabana’s shrewd side-eye here is the same side-eye she gives as a tawaif / courtesan queen in Umrao Jaan. Her exasperated look, anger, coquettishness—all the same. Major flashbacks, just now in game-derived sci-fi. 

Ali Khan 🇬🇧 as a haggling merchant selling salvaged mil gear, in a bad desi accent:

Nila Aalia

Starring Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone

Spielberg also cast Naomi Scott, Shelley Conn 🇮🇳🇬🇧 in the short-lives Terra Nova sci-fi series (’11).