Malign Mr. Bean

Biden blocked / delayed T•••• prosecutions, then declined too hard to take advantage of his gambit. He’s malign Mr. Bean. Now he’s ensuring a coupist / rapist / felon will get nukes. Like a roomie who gambled away the rent money.

He’s covered up his inability to do the job, stayed quiet on abortion and refused to expand SCOTUS. Contra Colbert, he hasn’t been “a great president”—he’s been a liar, a cheat and a bad actor.

Biden picked his primary rivals, picked his own general election rival, and still bungled it :D Yet another prez who can’t rig / stack the election properly, and refuses to use the cards he has (abortion rights).

Hillary elevated T•••• in GOP primaries, Pelosi tried to block every impeachment including J6, Biden saved him from fed conviction before the election. Every lazy crook thought they could use him just like #Putin.

The flaw was assuming their own racket had any basic competence—to run someone not a half-dead racket man, or at least allow real primaries without covering up his decline.

If you steal, steal big. T••••’s getting the same kind of pass as FBI informants and Victor Bout: he’s more useful to Dems, banks and Putin alive.

But Biden bungled it by betting he’d stay lucid until 86., a ludicrous bet. What was the point of springing T•••• then?

A free, viable T•••• with a coupist SCOTUS who can self-pardon is like a pandemic lab leak, if Biden and top Dems personally dumped the bat virus into everyone’s air vents.