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The Washington Generals

Over time, Dems have engineered it so they pick their own voters, the rival parties allowed on ballot, their own primary challengers, and in the case of T••••, their Washington Generals.

At every step when the US pol system would’ve flushed a criminal like T••••, Dem elites threw a shield over him to keep him alive as the designated loser against Biden. Pelosi delayed impeachments, Biden / Garland delayed prosecution until Congress revolted.

No competition for Biden is bad for the country, but great for the racket.

Normally T•••• would’ve been removed and criminally convicted, and Biden would’ve lost to a normal-terrible, younger Gooper like Haley.

Crank / born loser T•••• is a massive subsidy to the Dem gerontocracy. If they had to run against Haley, they’d be forced to hand the reins to Harris or Whitmer.

Instead they’ve allowed Nazi derp to spread throughout the country for 4 bonus years, it’s their best Bubba bait. They could’ve impeached T•••• immediately for bribes, gotten the removal + criminally prosecuted after J6. They slow-walked it all.

Dems are like cops quietly striking, letting crime run rampant, to shake voters down for money. Way easier than competing in a free market for candidates.

Garland threw a presser over “3% of in-store payments are Apple Pay” and “23% of automakers will support extended CarPlay” while T•••• runs around inciting domestic terrorism. He’s nothing if not a reliable apparatchik, the gray man isn’t freelancing.

Trust-bust the parties before you prosecute some weak bullshit like “60% of Americans use iPhone.”

When T•••• finally goes down, it will be because his usefulness to the Dem Party has expired. 

Baby food

I'm… not a child with the luxury of wishing a candidate into existence, or abandoning my civic duty to chose the best among available options [Elie Mystal]

Mystal: Rewrite this slaver constitution which structurally rigs the system against minorities.

Also Mystal: We are bestowed 2 elderly, cross-eyed choices from stone tablets, those are the only humans who may rule.

This infantile POV comes from a demand to be spoon-fed for minimum mental work.

Why do we always get 2 corpo sellout choices every 4 years? Why does the mighty Wurlitzer harass us into “too late to reform, pick the lesser of evils?” When you talk about reform, why do they switch to “no one cares?” Why does Wyoming get EC supervotes? Why is everyone’s vote completely irrelevant aside from 5 random swing states?

Like gun control, an election is the wrong time to talk about it, and so is after an election.

Like M4A, you must never look at other advanced democracies which solved it long back.

This is redneck homer sports shit. Home team rah rah. Complete bakwaas.

If after one-person-one-vote and RCV, normies prevail and you’re down to least-evil, then fine, hold your nose. But we’re so far from a fair vote right now.

“We only have 2 choices, get over it nerd” isn’t the dunk you think it is :D