Over the hump

Me watching Pelosi block T•••• impeachments: I can’t believe Dems would risk nuclear human extinction.

Me watching Dems re-run an impaired Biden: I can believe Dems would risk American democracy, oh I can believe it.

Reasonably bright people following crude racket incentives do incredibly stupid things. Need to align them so that to get paid / get ahead, pols must keep us safe, healthy and wealthy. Right now they make more $ risking nuke extinction, death of democracy by selling us out.

Pol is a multi-way racket like Facebook. Votes are just the entry price. The tax pot and regs are the product. Bribers domestic and foreign are the customers.

By aligning incentives you get pols paid by population health, e.g. M4A, rather than insurance and hospital bribes; paid by safety, e.g. keeping us out of dumb wars, rather than WarCo bribes; paid by prosperity, e.g. boosting worker salaries rather than oligarch bribes.

To do this you have to alter the incentives: bigger carrot so you outbid the bribers, bigger stick so it hurts to cheat. You have to do this basic self-governance reform by referendum, as the racket won’t do it willingly.

You have to have a big anti-disinfo plan as they’ll flood the airwaves with FUD to protect their extant dirty cash flows. And you probably need a crisis, need to hit the wall to get over the collective action hump.