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Baby food

I'm… not a child with the luxury of wishing a candidate into existence, or abandoning my civic duty to chose the best among available options [Elie Mystal]

Mystal: Rewrite this slaver constitution which structurally rigs the system against minorities.

Also Mystal: We are bestowed 2 elderly, cross-eyed choices from stone tablets, those are the only humans who may rule.

This infantile POV comes from a demand to be spoon-fed for minimum mental work.

Why do we always get 2 corpo sellout choices every 4 years? Why does the mighty Wurlitzer harass us into “too late to reform, pick the lesser of evils?” When you talk about reform, why do they switch to “no one cares?” Why does Wyoming get EC supervotes? Why is everyone’s vote completely irrelevant aside from 5 random swing states?

Like gun control, an election is the wrong time to talk about it, and so is after an election.

Like M4A, you must never look at other advanced democracies which solved it long back.

This is redneck homer sports shit. Home team rah rah. Complete bakwaas.

If after one-person-one-vote and RCV, normies prevail and you’re down to least-evil, then fine, hold your nose. But we’re so far from a fair vote right now.

“We only have 2 choices, get over it nerd” isn’t the dunk you think it is :D

Accelerating the constitutional crisis

Young Earth, abortion and gay marriage are not live issues for most Americans anymore. House Speaker’s living in the ’70s. Go one-person-one-vote and move on from these Jeebus freaks.

Electoral Count Act was finally reformed after a coup attempt. What will get us off the planters-are-special-boys system to one:one person:vote is a crisis. Let’s have it, let’s stop going sideways.

Partisan redistricting, Wyoming’s 60× more Senate power than California, EC picking losers, unelected law wizards are comical, 1800s detritus. Let’s have the crisis. Let’s have the GOP do their worst. And then rewrite this comically rigged system.

You’d think J6 was enough, but people need a metaphorical 2×4 to the head apparently.

The US constitution was a plantation owners’ agreement

As designers of the Constitution… Federalist leaders like Adams and Alexander Hamilton… viewed their own interests and the nation's interests as one and the same… recoiled at the thought of yielding power —“Tyranny of the Minority,” Levitsky & Ziblatt

Hamilton: we must…

prevent an atheist… from getting possession of the helm of the state

They considered overthrowing their own republic when they lost an election to Jefferson!

The US constitution was designed as an ownership agreement among plantation slavers, and needs a ground-up rewrite for a multiethnic republic.