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Malign Mr. Bean

Biden blocked / delayed T•••• prosecutions, then declined too hard to take advantage of his gambit. He’s malign Mr. Bean. Now he’s ensuring a coupist / rapist / felon will get nukes. Like a roomie who gambled away the rent money.

He’s covered up his inability to do the job, stayed quiet on abortion and refused to expand SCOTUS. Contra Colbert, he hasn’t been “a great president”—he’s been a liar, a cheat and a bad actor.

Biden picked his primary rivals, picked his own general election rival, and still bungled it :D Yet another prez who can’t rig / stack the election properly, and refuses to use the cards he has (abortion rights).

Hillary elevated T•••• in GOP primaries, Pelosi tried to block every impeachment including J6, Biden saved him from fed conviction before the election. Every lazy crook thought they could use him just like #Putin.

The flaw was assuming their own racket had any basic competence—to run someone not a half-dead racket man, or at least allow real primaries without covering up his decline.

If you steal, steal big. T••••’s getting the same kind of pass as FBI informants and Victor Bout: he’s more useful to Dems, banks and Putin alive.

But Biden bungled it by betting he’d stay lucid until 86., a ludicrous bet. What was the point of springing T•••• then?

A free, viable T•••• with a coupist SCOTUS who can self-pardon is like a pandemic lab leak, if Biden and top Dems personally dumped the bat virus into everyone’s air vents.

The evolution of tech demos

Evolution of tech demos:

product works, we’ll prove it in a bake-off (LANs) →

features are real, we’ll pretend they're stable (iPhone) →

features sometimes work, we’ll cherry-pick (AI, self-driving) →

just fake some BS, maybe we’ll ship it or nah (Tesla, Nikola, Rabbit…)

Political trust-busting

Goop vs. Dem = sweaty-toothed fanatics vs. Best Buy middle managers. Racket Dems, who are mundanely crappy and short-sighted like any mediocre corp, are not up to stopping ’em.

Red team’s convinced browns will repay their brutality in kind (when they mostly just want to prosper), and have talked themselves into some existential dystopic fantasy.

Dems aren’t the main problem, other parties with same incentives will replicate it. Problem is US politics is a B2B dark market selling illicit goods for laundered cash.

And it’s in terminal stage: fully consolidated, rivals legally barred, cut over from solving customer problems to stealing from captured customers.

No bright entrepreneur or ops person is sweating how to improve party product for customers, only how to fence more goods without getting caught. Only criminals, duffers and naive idealists enter, because the best don’t want to work in white-collar crime.

This senescent, captured market needs to be disrupted, both via political antitrust (proportional rep, easier ballot access) and a constitution rewrite (promotions and raises for helping us prosper, not fencing our tax money).

Over the hump

Me watching Pelosi block T•••• impeachments: I can’t believe Dems would risk nuclear human extinction.

Me watching Dems re-run an impaired Biden: I can believe Dems would risk American democracy, oh I can believe it.

Reasonably bright people following crude racket incentives do incredibly stupid things. Need to align them so that to get paid / get ahead, pols must keep us safe, healthy and wealthy. Right now they make more $ risking nuke extinction, death of democracy by selling us out.

Pol is a multi-way racket like Facebook. Votes are just the entry price. The tax pot and regs are the product. Bribers domestic and foreign are the customers.

By aligning incentives you get pols paid by population health, e.g. M4A, rather than insurance and hospital bribes; paid by safety, e.g. keeping us out of dumb wars, rather than WarCo bribes; paid by prosperity, e.g. boosting worker salaries rather than oligarch bribes.

To do this you have to alter the incentives: bigger carrot so you outbid the bribers, bigger stick so it hurts to cheat. You have to do this basic self-governance reform by referendum, as the racket won’t do it willingly.

You have to have a big anti-disinfo plan as they’ll flood the airwaves with FUD to protect their extant dirty cash flows. And you probably need a crisis, need to hit the wall to get over the collective action hump.

Indulging Elmo

Tesla’s styling update cycle is way too slow. People lease EVs because they’re improving fast. Leases end every 2-3 years.

Model 3 is 7 years old, Model Y is 4. A legacy automaker would’ve done a Model 3 refresh in Y3, full redesign Y5-6. E.g. Ioniq 5 ’21 is getting a refresh this fall.

Tesla just dribbled out a mild M3 refresh in Y7, updating front and rear but same basic profile. Cheaper.

Meanwhile BYD’s spamming new EV models every few months.

Imagine MS just… forgetting to upgrade Windows. They did used to slip by years, but Tesla’s stretching the restyle more to save capital than over bugs and dev delays.

Tesla f’d themselves. The new model, tech and style energy went to Elmo’s extremely niche truck. Like if Apple moved the entire iPhone team to Jony’s silly little $17,000 Watch.

Vanity projects get small teams, not a whole of co effort. Tesla is wildly mismanaged and ripe for shareholder revolt, heading for takeover if unfixed. They should dismiss the board and fire Musk.

Elmo’s defrauding shareholders with his Cybertruck fixation as badly as his nonstop dipping into the corporate till.