Political trust-busting

Goop vs. Dem = sweaty-toothed fanatics vs. Best Buy middle managers. Racket Dems, who are mundanely crappy and short-sighted like any mediocre corp, are not up to stopping ’em.

Red team’s convinced browns will repay their brutality in kind (when they mostly just want to prosper), and have talked themselves into some existential dystopic fantasy.

Dems aren’t the main problem, other parties with same incentives will replicate it. Problem is US politics is a B2B dark market selling illicit goods for laundered cash.

And it’s in terminal stage: fully consolidated, rivals legally barred, cut over from solving customer problems to stealing from captured customers.

No bright entrepreneur or ops person is sweating how to improve party product for customers, only how to fence more goods without getting caught. Only criminals, duffers and naive idealists enter, because the best don’t want to work in white-collar crime.

This senescent, captured market needs to be disrupted, both via political antitrust (proportional rep, easier ballot access) and a constitution rewrite (promotions and raises for helping us prosper, not fencing our tax money).