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Accelerating the constitutional crisis

Young Earth, abortion and gay marriage are not live issues for most Americans anymore. House Speaker’s living in the ’70s. Go one-person-one-vote and move on from these Jeebus freaks.

Electoral Count Act was finally reformed after a coup attempt. What will get us off the planters-are-special-boys system to one:one person:vote is a crisis. Let’s have it, let’s stop going sideways.

Partisan redistricting, Wyoming’s 60× more Senate power than California, EC picking losers, unelected law wizards are comical, 1800s detritus. Let’s have the crisis. Let’s have the GOP do their worst. And then rewrite this comically rigged system.

You’d think J6 was enough, but people need a metaphorical 2×4 to the head apparently.


Mike Johnson is yet another panderer to “I rule, you drool” rural white male loser primitivism. He might even believe it.

It is of course a chip on the shoulder: insecurity masquerading as supremacy, because the modern world disproves it.

We’re blowing tax money on a House circus run by a coupist’s shitposts on a fourth-rate Twitter clone.

T•••• has no power except he’s dumb enough to parrot his jihadis’ childish beliefs. Anyone could swipe it by being a dumber, more genuine loser. Many are trying.

This circus shouldn’t even exist, it’s propped up by 1700s planter rigs. The US is not 50/50. Switch to one person, one vote and wipe out this clown show.

Hard-coding the racket

Republicans and Democrats are part of the government (hence things like state-run party primaries, or party balance requirements in various agencies) and serious third parties are effectively legally prohibited. [American Prospect]

Dem, Republican parties, and only those parties, being formally part of fed gov is so crooked. It’s like working for a BigCo and its regulator at the same time.

It’s why they don’t fear voters: where you gonna go? Ballot barriers, partisan state election officials and gerrymanders guarantee 95% re-elect.

It’s why they’re white-collar organized crime with little fear of prosecution: the crooks hold the leashes of the cops.

Lina Khan, bust that monopoly.

Killing browns

“Kill browns” is the KFC comfort food of American derpers. Deep-brown Vivek Ramaswamy’s slinging it :D

De rigueur in the “kill browns” party, but very funny seeing a brown guy donate to a white vigilante killer. Next he’ll lick a pork-dipped Raj bullet. Vivek’s gonna dig out the next Koh-i-noor and offer it to Chuck 3.0 himself.

× Gore: My turn

✓ Bush: Kill Eye-rackees

× Hillary: My turn

✓ T••••: Kill Mescans

× Haley: Cut spending

✓ Ramaswamy: Annihilate Mexico

“Kill browns” undefeated in the redneck states since the 1600s.

Haley, as child of a turbaned dad, is less likely to run naked kill-minorities derp than Tam-Bram Vivek. But is now calling to pardon the same kind of guy who might also commit racist violence against Sikhs. The Kill Browns party must defend murderers of mayo complexion.

Goopers have been demanding to invade Canada and Mexico. They also want to invade Puerto Rico, but can’t find it on a map.

Somewhere out there is a brown guy they can kill to make their gay kid talk to them and fix their marriage. He’s either a genie or a Super Mario powerup.

Kill 9 brown guys, 10th one brings back egg creams, 33 ⅓rds and big-block straight-8s.

“Kill browns” is the McD’s Whopper of American political messaging, the classic smash hit. Like everything else, T•••• amplified, didn’t invent.

It’s basic fear for the anxious, but also consciousness of guilt: kill these people we’re exploiting before they can fight back.

Both rank fear of Native raids and slave rebellions, and acknowledging that the colonists had it coming.