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Count Abdulla

‘Count Abdulla’

Count Abdulla is very funny premise-pushing: what would it mean if a vampire were Pakistani from Hounslow?

First 3 eps jam-packed with clever jokes. Sags in middle, but way better than yet another arranged-marriage tale.

Adds to vampire lore by making them white-supremacist Bullingdon toffs none too pleased to have Hindu and Muslim additions to their immortal club.

Jokes about Priti Patel, deportation, white people with brown fever. Pale vampire face is a deportation shield. Funny gag: white guy in British Raj colonist costume and brown guy dressed as a vampire as cultural appropriation.

Passes up the chance to make a point about blood-sucking colonists, keeps it light.

The climax’ implications are quite odd re: lineage and inbreeding, but as Harrison Ford says, It‘s not that kind of show, kid :)

Starring Arian Nik as a Ranbir Kapoor-y chocoboy, Manpreet Bambra as heroine, Jamie Winstone as literal vamp, Nina Wadia as single mom catfished on SunnahSwipe :D

Sia Alipour 🇮🇷🇬🇧 is hilarious in the patented, Asim-Chaudhry mosque-rudeboy role. Great comedy chops for someone who seems to have started as a martial artist.