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‘Late Bloomer’

Late Bloomer: The very funny Jusreign (Jasmeet Raina) pens a dramedy series based on his life, going from struggling You Tube comedian to viral hit.

It’s extremely specific Sikh and YouTuber humor, like “Man Like Mobeen,” “Ramy,” “Mo” ❤️️

His Punjabi mom’s just like mine

First 2 eps surprisingly downbeat, based on his life making comedy vids in the basement while peers make bank as realtors etc.

Too many Sikh gurus

Buddy’s a white #Sikh

Running gag about safe sexting

Stock gag about overly-religious temple boys (mosque boys in “Ms Marvel,” etc.)

Plus kid with novelty-sized kirpan / ceremonial dagger

Perfect one-word joke, yelling “Singh!” in a gurdwara

Godman grifter kirtan / prayer channel

Our food’s better

Douchey, sellout influencer agents

Kayfabe interracial relationships just for the ad rev

Gatka martial arts ref :)

Late Bloomer trailer: