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Kyle MacLachlan

Fallout: La La Land

In Fallout, a major plot point happens because someone’s mad their partner ran off with Sarita Choudhury. And who could blame them?

Sarita Choudhury as raider leader “Lee Moldaver”

Raiding a vault

In her civil rights era (as a fusion researcher)

Worshiped by the vault cult

De-aged Choudhury, MacLachlan

Ashwin Nair playing an actor playing a cowboy

Desi vaulter extra

Inbred vaulter prejudice against surface dwellers

Mutant bear flag

Fallout: La La Land

It’s giving Bioshock

The New California Republic has cable cars

Pip-Boy GPS gag

The Ghoul = the Man in Black from Westworld

The Brotherhood of Steel = the Mandalorians

Gursimran Sandhu (#BadBatch, #GoT) writes an ep

Series involves Westworld alums—producer Lisa Joy, composer Ramin Djawadi.