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Lazarus Project

Lazarus should stay down

“Lazarus Project” 🇬🇧: 007 × “Groundhog Day.” Wild seeing a show with desi second and third leads, neither are techies, aren’t dating each other and both get to whup ass.

Hollywood took romantic lead Alia Bhatt and jammed her into the IT stock role 🤦🏽‍♂️ Bechdel test → Bhatt test.

Hermione type Anjli Mohindra probably should’ve been the main hero, sharp delivery and an air of competence. Along with Tom Burke, who’s a fantastic antihero.

They went with a more ambiguous actor, Paapa Essiedu, as audience bridge. His arc is interesting, from horrified at the collateral damage to murderous and complicit.

Grinding time loops are like filming shows, repeating with minor variations. Boring squared.

Strong, committed acting elevates the goofy premise, but it eventually peters out. The show suffers from stakes fatigue: after averting 30 nuke wars, where’s left to go? They have to keep raising the stakes with ludicrous plots (gravity wave!)

The time loop mechanic makes for cheap budgets, reusing actors and sets. But it’s like watching a Twitch stream of someone mastering a platformer, loading save points when they die. Jesus didn’t raise Lazarus 50 times.

Existential horror: “Shiv Reddy” (Rudi Dharmalingam) keeps waking up at the save point with a bullet in him, about to die.

The white guy’s the hacker, not Shiv. Free at last, free at last

Give me the Blue Steel. Now hold

Teen Shiv (Shobhit Piasa) gets recruited right in front of his home shrine

Parvati on date night:

Always bring emergency chai


The waterboarder, not the waterboardee

Cornershop torching