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Mike Johnson

Accelerating the constitutional crisis

Young Earth, abortion and gay marriage are not live issues for most Americans anymore. House Speaker’s living in the ’70s. Go one-person-one-vote and move on from these Jeebus freaks.

Electoral Count Act was finally reformed after a coup attempt. What will get us off the planters-are-special-boys system to one:one person:vote is a crisis. Let’s have it, let’s stop going sideways.

Partisan redistricting, Wyoming’s 60× more Senate power than California, EC picking losers, unelected law wizards are comical, 1800s detritus. Let’s have the crisis. Let’s have the GOP do their worst. And then rewrite this comically rigged system.

You’d think J6 was enough, but people need a metaphorical 2×4 to the head apparently.


Mike Johnson is yet another panderer to “I rule, you drool” rural white male loser primitivism. He might even believe it.

It is of course a chip on the shoulder: insecurity masquerading as supremacy, because the modern world disproves it.

We’re blowing tax money on a House circus run by a coupist’s shitposts on a fourth-rate Twitter clone.

T•••• has no power except he’s dumb enough to parrot his jihadis’ childish beliefs. Anyone could swipe it by being a dumber, more genuine loser. Many are trying.

This circus shouldn’t even exist, it’s propped up by 1700s planter rigs. The US is not 50/50. Switch to one person, one vote and wipe out this clown show.