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Model 3

Indulging Elmo

Tesla’s styling update cycle is way too slow. People lease EVs because they’re improving fast. Leases end every 2-3 years.

Model 3 is 7 years old, Model Y is 4. A legacy automaker would’ve done a Model 3 refresh in Y3, full redesign Y5-6. E.g. Ioniq 5 ’21 is getting a refresh this fall.

Tesla just dribbled out a mild M3 refresh in Y7, updating front and rear but same basic profile. Cheaper.

Meanwhile BYD’s spamming new EV models every few months.

Imagine MS just… forgetting to upgrade Windows. They did used to slip by years, but Tesla’s stretching the restyle more to save capital than over bugs and dev delays.

Tesla f’d themselves. The new model, tech and style energy went to Elmo’s extremely niche truck. Like if Apple moved the entire iPhone team to Jony’s silly little $17,000 Watch.

Vanity projects get small teams, not a whole of co effort. Tesla is wildly mismanaged and ripe for shareholder revolt, heading for takeover if unfixed. They should dismiss the board and fire Musk.

Elmo’s defrauding shareholders with his Cybertruck fixation as badly as his nonstop dipping into the corporate till. 


Surprisingly, the new Model 3 Highland isn’t as fun to drive as the Chevy Bolt. It’s quiet and cushy, corners much better than Bolt on stock tires, deep bucket seats, swaddled, limited visibility. Feels like a Honda.

I loved driving the old Performance trim, effortless power and maybe the seat was adjusted for better vis. The Bolt feels like a go-kart even though slightly slower because it’s lighter and smaller. Great vis from its upright seating and large greenhouse.

Black bars in taillight are just iPhone camera artifacts.

The Sony / Honda Afeela mockup does ambient lighting right: indirect bounce with strip hidden.

Small steering wheel. Touch-button, stalkless turn signals and swipe screen to shift were non-issues, except maybe at roundabouts.

Test drives are no longer limited to chill mode, but are limited to 85 mph.

Rear passenger screen.

Sound system was ok, maybe used an inapposite song to test it (“What Was I Made For” by Billy Eilish).

Ambient lighting color picker looks like Microsoft intern’s first attempt :)

Tesla UI’s gotten really cluttered, have to search among what feels like 30 controls on the main screen.

Volvo-ish textile, soft not wool.

Small blind spot warning red LED behind black webbing, feels half-assed.

Spurious collision warnings for my quick-reaction driving style, like Bolt.

Wireless chargers.

4-6 weeks to delivery. Legacy Model 3’s are $4-5K cheaper + qualify for $7.5K fed credit. But you get the credit if you lease.