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Demon hunter

Full Kolchak ep “Horror in the Heights”: reporter chases a rakshasa (Indian demon) in NYC. Where’s Durga Ma when you need her?

In 1974, NYC Jews wouldn’t go out for Indian food :D

Lakshmi Restaurant in a horror font

Beef curry = not a typical Indian place

Is this the Hindu swastika or the Riddler :D

The svastiks are hung like a Xtian horror chamber :D

Rakshasa hunter uses a crossbow

Demon hunter Van Hel-Singh played by Abraham Sofaer, Baghdadi Jew from India. Like in It Lives Inside, he mispronounces the monster, as ruk-SHAH-suh rather than RAHK-shus.

This demon takes the form of the beholder’s loved one, a creepy premise lifted from Maricha’s tale in the Ramayana:

When the dying Maricha was returning to his real form he cried out, "Oh Sita! Oh Lakshmana!", mimicking Rama's voice. Sita fell prey to the ruse and asked Lakshmana to go and search for Rama… Ravana appeared… and kidnapped Sita [Wikipedia]

Demon reveal! Guy in a wig, gorilla suit and claws topples over theatrically :D