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Social sites are aggressively mid

Reddit’s aggressively mid. Social filtering means you can distribute the work of clipping trolls, but you also clip anyone a minute ahead of conventional wisdom.

Post that ICE automakers will get ruined by EVs, you get a hail of downvotes. When Wired posts the same a week later, it becomes the new CW :D

This depends on the sub, but—post any title with flavor, all the comments are about the title alone. No one clicks through, so the comment quality isn’t worth the time to post.

Then there are the random Hacker News mod bonks for calling Zuck amoral or Elmo a scammer, Reddit and Twitter spam filter fails, mods randomly not approving innocuous posts.

T•••• / Elmo get one thing right: own your own site, make your own rules. Don’t sharecrop on someone else’s, especially not Zuck’s :D Just use them for distro.