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The Marvels

Bollywood planet

“The Marvels”: Help me, Obi-Khan, you’re my only hope

Sleepover in space

Hatecopy’s pop art

Dad giving financial advice in space, such a dad joke

Mom: Beta what a lovely house in which to get married


The shahada (?) surrounded by alien housecat eggs

r/movies: Captain Marvel has a ballgown, a musical number, a boyfriend and an animal familiar, she’s a Disney princess

Superhero ballgown

The boyfriend’s fit colors are like a blue-purple sherwani

Lightly-modified Bollywood planet. “ST: Strange New Worlds” did themed romantic and eps, and they rocked

Title screens

‘The Marvels’

The Marvels uses the Peter Parker template for Kamala Khan. The Punjabi-coded family is the relatable audience bridge, Kamala’s the wide-eyed teen supe.

Funny action scene where Ma, Pa and brother Khan fight off aliens with a wet mop, under a rap track with a bhangra sample.

Kamala crosses her forearms Wonder Woman-style and mutters “Bismillah” before loosing an energy blast.

The movie has some Hindi jokes without subtitles, nothing spicy.

Dad says, “Yah Allah.” Shahada (?) wall art in the living room, later in close-up surrounded by alien cat eggs. Khan kids played by Muslim actors, parents by a Parsi and a Hindu.

Opening scene still has Maria Qamar’s pop art on Kamala’s wall.

Samuel L. Jackson using an alien housecat as a ranged weapon never gets old.

Female leads and writers, funny double-dutch jump rope in a space station.

“The Marvels” uses the same unwilling-teleportation mechanic as “Loki” and Kowalski in “Fantastic Beasts,” and it’s funny every time, like a snarling kitten born over and over in a new world.

The unwilling teleportation / time travel / body swap mechanic is funny in “Quantum Leap” and “Big” too. Each leap is a fish-out-of-water comedy in miniature, on fast-forward. “Mork and Mindy” if comic, “Moscow on the Hudson” if tragic, every few minutes.

Brie Larson has a musical scene, just like her Bollywood-style turn with Utkarsh Ambudkar in “Basmati Blues.”
Charming Iman Vellani isn’t the first time Larson’s been overshadowed by a desi actor in her own movie :)

Screenwriters love energy battles, they’re completely synthetic like greenscreen. Energy beams can vary from powerful to weak based on plot needs. You don’t have to deal with weapon range, balance, reload or gun nerds.