Crossing over

Am test-driving crossovers for parents. Stunning how far back most legacy automakers are, just not competitive on EV price/performance.

VW ID4 Plus top trim had choppy zoom, scroll and control animations. Slow charging. 275 mi. Voice control didn’t recognize “play radio.” Rough ride and creaks on a rough road. Less cushy driver seat than Ioniq. No true one-pedal or frunk. Significantly more expensive than Ioniq 5 lease.

On plus side, white plastic screens and controls, and capacitive buttons, feel more refined IRL than the toy-like look in photos. 3D model of the car you can rotate and control. Neat throbber stripe at base of inner windshield for voice control and presumably charge status. Swipe capacitive strip to retract glass roof shade. Perforated massage seats. Quiet ride.

Ioniq 5 was ~strictly better, almost no tradeoffs. 12 min 20 → 80% charge. 303 mi. Responsive screens. Cushier driver’s seat. Looks big but not when driving, just a larger Bolt / tall hatch. True one-pedal.

Physical buttons for frequent functions. V2L putting out 1.9 kW for camping / tailgating / power outages on SEL mid trim. Quiet. Cheapest lease deals of any EV if you use a broker.

UI a little geeky / Android. Very Korean: good electronics, specs monster, decent software with unrefined UI.