Fasting, part 3

Plateaued in weight on my third fast, several days without significant change. Think I’ve hit my natural adult weight, low end of my college weight range. Done fasting for now.

Been eating just ~200 kcal a day, curious how body still mostly maintains weight. One homemade muffin and a handful of small cherries. Possibilities:

  • Burning less at lower weight = lower daily loss
  • Body turning down activity and energy level further
  • Retaining water
  • Retaining excreta which isn’t enough to expel yet

Probably can get 10 lbs lighter with hardcore workout / diet like marathoners or Kumail, but think I’m at my healthy adult weight now.

Have definitely been in ketosis at 200 kcal: low energy, body cold, etc.

  • 3 wk strict, 2 wk strict, 1 wk “dirty” (200 kcal)
  • 1 wk 400 kcal caloric restriction
  • From: April 1–June 2
  • Δ : –40 lbs

Down 2 sizes, 4 belt notches. So 1 male clothing size ~20 lbs, 1” belt notch ~ 10 lbs.

There’s a hazing / commitment effect: after weeks skipping food, I’m looking askance at hi-cal junk food ‘cause I know what it took to lose it.

Also got my fill during the breaks in between :) Air fryer, oil-free spicy potato wedges are reasonably healthy though.

So much junk food you drool over during a fast, is unappealing after breaking it. Like going home with Taco Bell at 2 am last call. Fastgoggles :)