First principles of materials

The typical auto body panel is 0.7 mm thick. Cybertruck’s are 3 mm, 4× thicker for no good reason.

Current electric trucks are limited mainly by range. They often tow loads and are shaped like unaerodynamic bricks. Door dings don’t figure in the top 10 selling points.

The added weight cuts range, the angular cross-section adds drag, the unfinished steel is hard to patch and match.

It’s anti-functional, like T•••• demanding gold and marble on his weight-sensitive planes. Functional only for the con, selling futurey sizzle to marks.

The “no paint, no door dings, easy to patch, and bulletproof” stuff was grafted on later. The main draw of the throwaway design sketch for Elon was that it “looked like the future.” But it’s lo-poly angular because 3 mm stainless is hard to bend, hard to work with.

Elon’s materials-illiterate “10 microns” demand ran completely counter to using this kind of material, totally incoherent.

He’d only ever heard of it because it was a tough, relatively inexpensive material for SpaceX’s specific application of orbital reentry.

Elon’s slogan is “first principles physics thinking.” Even the slogan is a lie—especially the slogan :)