Screens vs. sensors

Phones and watches face in, the Humane chest pin faces out. Mainly screens vs. mainly sensors. A body pin is more convenient for analyzing the real world.

Convenience wins for frequent use. E.g. wristwatch > phone for checking time. Is analyzing the world frequent and useful enough yet that you’d actually wear a lapel pin all day?

It’s the same question as AR glasses, but those combine both in- and out-facing, both world sensors and high-bandwidth screen.

Because the pin faces out, it has no screen, just a low-bandwidth projector. If it were a sidekick for your phone, you’d have the best of both.

But then you’d gate your sales on users buying an even more expensive device. And you’d be a sharecropper on someone else’s platform, someone who’ll inevitably clone and wipe you out if you take off.

Might make more sense as an  Pin than a startup.