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The Last Firebender

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: Aykroyd explains djinns to Kumail Nanjiani 🤦🏽‍♂️ :D

Kumail plays “Nadeem Razmadi,” a slacker who eventually dresses up as a Mughal warrior. “I’m Nadeem. I’m a Firemaster, turns out, like my dadi before me”

Kumail enters secret room behind spice cabinet: “This is my dadi’s place”

Black girl: “Whoah. Nice sex dungeon, ok dadi ma”

Slacker Kumail: Who’s the brave one, the [brother] who goes to engineer school, or the one who forges ahead with no education or future prospects?

Patton Oswalt: “This is pre-Sumerian, this is pre-Sanskrit”

Black girl sees Mughal miniature painting: “Nipple stuff, iconic”

Kumail: “Oh yeah, that was my dadi’s favorite painting”

Frozen Empire, more like Bhangra Empire :)

Bill Murray questions Kumail with a colander:

With Arab-ish veil:

The Last Firebender:


“Ghostbusters” is my Proust’s madeleine. Distinctly remember feeling alienated while nerd friends got hyped to to see a sequel. I wanted to see it, but movies were frivolous, said parents, your job is to study.

Brown folks in Hollywood then weren’t brown—Peter Sellers, Fisher Stevens. We got scraps in brownface and we liked it.

Meanwhile the popular white kids were driving jacked-up pickups, throwing house parties, smoking weed and cutting class for the beach. Dubai on the Bay.

Now there’s a brown co-star in “Ghostbusters,” “The Marvels,” “Spider-Verse 2,” “The Eternals,” “Aladdin,” and I spend weekends at the beach.

Freaky Friday :)