The Last Firebender

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire: Aykroyd explains djinns to Kumail Nanjiani 🤦🏽‍♂️ :D

Kumail plays “Nadeem Razmadi,” a slacker who eventually dresses up as a Mughal warrior. “I’m Nadeem. I’m a Firemaster, turns out, like my dadi before me”

Kumail enters secret room behind spice cabinet: “This is my dadi’s place”

Black girl: “Whoah. Nice sex dungeon, ok dadi ma”

Slacker Kumail: Who’s the brave one, the [brother] who goes to engineer school, or the one who forges ahead with no education or future prospects?

Patton Oswalt: “This is pre-Sumerian, this is pre-Sanskrit”

Black girl sees Mughal miniature painting: “Nipple stuff, iconic”

Kumail: “Oh yeah, that was my dadi’s favorite painting”

Frozen Empire, more like Bhangra Empire :)

Bill Murray questions Kumail with a colander:

With Arab-ish veil:

The Last Firebender: