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“Allegiance” 🇨🇦: Standard cheesy cop show but with Sikh actors everywhere, lines in Punjabi, desi directors and lots in the production team. Set in Surrey, BC, with a large Sikh population. Starring Supinder Wraich, Stephen Lobo.

Premise: Sikhni cop recruit’s turbaned politico dad set up for terrorist smear by white supremacists who infiltrated the cops.

Has some inept lecturing to the camera (“the only people who don’t see color are those who don’t have to”). Slick enough production otherwise, just not my genre.

‘Late Bloomer’

Late Bloomer: The very funny Jusreign (Jasmeet Raina) pens a dramedy series based on his life, going from struggling You Tube comedian to viral hit.

It’s extremely specific Sikh and YouTuber humor, like “Man Like Mobeen,” “Ramy,” “Mo” ❤️️

His Punjabi mom’s just like mine

First 2 eps surprisingly downbeat, based on his life making comedy vids in the basement while peers make bank as realtors etc.

Too many Sikh gurus

Buddy’s a white #Sikh

Running gag about safe sexting

Stock gag about overly-religious temple boys (mosque boys in “Ms Marvel,” etc.)

Plus kid with novelty-sized kirpan / ceremonial dagger

Perfect one-word joke, yelling “Singh!” in a gurdwara

Godman grifter kirtan / prayer channel

Our food’s better

Douchey, sellout influencer agents

Kayfabe interracial relationships just for the ad rev

Gatka martial arts ref :)

Late Bloomer trailer: