Tesla’s Lisa

Cybertruck is Tesla’s Apple Lisa: new tech in a model with poor price / performance will be reused in more successful models.

Also like NeXT: design curator gets high on his own farts, demands shell of pointlessly posh material which makes product a bad deal. Core tech reused elsewhere.

Next-gen tech (for Tesla):

  • 800V main battery
  • 48V electricals
  • 4680 cells
  • Steer-by-wire (usable yoke)
  • Rear steering (nimbler big EV)
  • V2L (powers home)
  • Bigger 18.5” screen

Experience forming stainless will be wasted there, could be reused at SpaceX.

As a product, it’s a d-bag / prepper SUV in the Hummer / G-wagon niche, with a market of Elon and other insecure bros. A penis extender with a range extender.

  • HEPA filter hyped as “bioweapon defense”
  • Uselessly proof against arrows and low-velocity bullets, but not the windows or tires
  • Elon brags you’ll destroy other cars in a collision, which is about his maturity level

They were so afraid of boos, they didn’t mention price and range at the delivery event after their big specs miss.