The cult of the constitution

Like all cults, the cult of the constitution turns into dead ritual because it’s easier than using your brain to solve novel problems. “Swear bayaat to the constitution.” Well, which one?

There’s the one for white male landowners, with special rights for slavers. The one which included poor white men. The one with black men. The one with women. The one with other skin shades. The thoroughly anti-majoritarian one we have now.

The insurrection isn’t “against the constitution,” which is just a coordination model, it’s theft of democratic self-rule, i.e. the republic.

The constitution cult—capitalizing it, swearing fealty to it—locks it in stasis like scripture, and cedes power to wingnuts who understand it’s just swarm signals on parchment.

Routinely patch the document against thieves and attacks, as the original drafters always supposed, and you’ll see the bizarre parchment cult vanish. Hard to swear loyalty to build 12C76.1, lol.