Vegas burbs

Vegas burbs: plentiful land converted from desert. The new development I stayed in was semi-rural with pickups, paddocks and horse trailers. Many parcels had a compound wall and gate.

Felt jogger-hostile: no one walking, big trucks speeding, 8-lane roads, hard to cross. Finally saw a couple of joggers in a park, but not on the streets.

It’s too hot to walk around much of the year, of course. Thus the cars are heavily tinted, which makes backing up an adventure if you don’t have a reverse cam.

Red state vibes. A lot of obese folks. Didn’t see any solar panels in a place flush with both cash and sun. Saw only one EV besides Uber drivers in the strip. Lots more guns. Mass shootings a lot more common (UNLV, Mandalay Bay and randoms).

Casino-themed stores like Jackpot Joanie’s liquors, like surf-themed biz in Santa Cruz. Slot machines at the liquor store, grocery and airport. Even the microwave made slot machine sounds.

Like E. Coast basements, houses come with casitas, subdivided into in-law quarters with separate entrances.

Saw a Jewish cemetery and temple which got most of its business from Latino and Asian families, judging from the headstones.

Many strip mall restaurants had wine-mom sayings on walls as cute but vapid corpo art.

Nevada is like an internal American Jersey (UK), a tax haven, no personal income tax. Rich folks flock there, like they put factories in anti-labor states.

Quite funny because they’re then living in a lower quality of life state, except for sun and plentiful desert land.