Bluesky: first impressions

Bluesky first impressions: you don’t have to minimize attack surface on a small forum. Kumail posting politics again, AOC and Tapper sound like normal humans.

Hate that Twitter’s dominated by rage bait, mocked up a good news tab in Good Batch re: real sci / tech, econ, social advancements.

Bsky rolled out custom feeds including a positivity one. Right now it’s mostly cat pics, not my taste, but right direction.

The official app has janky scroll and animate, text too small. It was apparently a quick prototype in React Native for x-platform. Far inferior to the buttery-smooth Moot, an early client in Swift.

There’s some protocol complexity / overhead, not a 1:1 Twitter clone like Mastodon. My power user app may be best forked as a separate Bsky app rather than a multiheaded client.

Bsky has search, discover, quote post built in. Mastodon is really hostile to discoverability because it was also a refuge from Twitter harassment. Bsky tries to solve this at the protocol level with more user and server admin choice.

Bsky’s funded by Jack, who’s also right-wing, so it’s way more free speech absolutist (I’m putting this delicately) than Mastodon.

The velvet rope-ism is annoying, but it’s still in beta and actively developed. Small forum, small forum cliques / dynamics.

Overall experience quite positive. Platform is still early in dev, e.g. no video uploads. But some cool ideas, and way better than Twitter. Most important thing is to block buyout / hijack by a random rich dipshit, at the architecture level.